Organic and Natural Sunday Market @ Centris

Finally I was able to check the Organic and Natural Sunday  Market at Eton Centris Walk. The main purpose of the visit was to scout for bread, fruits, and vegetables suppliers. I got there at around ten in the morning so I felt the warm weather already. And boy I was not disappointed.

For starter, I tried a very refreshing and cold drink made of five super foods - wheat grass, barley grass, moringa, spirulina, and acai berry. I am considering to add it in Zuuzrap menu but it needs a little twist to make it more appealing. I met Kristine and she explained to me the health benefits of the drink. Luckily, his dad has an organic farm in Batangas so there goes my prospect supplier #1.

Aside from organic fruits and vegetables the market also showcases hard to find goodies such as raw honey, almonds, wheat breads, blueberries, organic rice, goat milk, various soya products, and free-range eggs.

I got 11 contacts when I decided to go home. A lot of them also get their supplies from farmers. I want to do business directly with farm owners. I need to know their processes to ensure the quality of the products. You can check their official FB page at this link Go Organic and Natural Food BowlMarket to know more about other market locations.

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